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Zhang Pengfei: eagle on tower
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Zhang Pengfei, chairman of the board of Taichang Group Co., Ltd.; president of Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce of Longwan, Wenzhou (the general chamber of commerce), municipal CPPCC member.

Who could believe a youth is actually in charge of a group with annual output value of 1.6 billion? Who could believe a youth leads nine subsidiaries for healthy development? Who could believe a youth expands the tower business to international market? However, as an entrepreneur after 80s,Zhang Pengfei proves everything with own abilities and his love . He is really an eagle on tower."

High performance of tower promotes business benefits and operational efficiency of the company. In 2012, the company successfully completed the ± 400kV Tibet - Golmud networking project , which has a name of " Sky Road of Power". Others achievements are: 11,643 tons from the ± 800kV Hamilton South - Zhengzhou EHV DC Transmission Project; 9,400 tons from the second channel power transmission project, 750kV main network interconnection between Xinjiang and the Northwest, which has a name of the " Silk Road of Power”; " Anhui power to east" project - the world's first 1000kV EHV steel piping tower. In addition, the company also completed Laos - Thailand 115kV, 500kV transmission tower projects, accumulating experience to further explore the international market. The company also involved in design business of power transmission grid in Chad, Angola and other countries,

Make innovation in management process, deepen technical innovation. Compliance rate of class I welding line of TAICHANG steel pipe combination tower is close to 100%.Capacity per month is increased from150 tons to 600 tons, completing 29 Kitab processing and delivery tasks. In 2012, the tower company invested RMB8, 111,100 on advanced equipment, purchased big processing equipments such as bending machines of 3,200 tons type and did technical reform research on gas generator. He proudly told journalist: "In 2012, Tower company obtained five patents and won the title of national new high-tech enterprise. Where 'Tower dimensional lofting' is approved to be 2011 Wenzhou technology development projects; In 2011,tower company successfully passed evaluation of high-tech enterprises.”

“Understand the employee so you will be popular”. He said,” The company requires that administration staffs take turns to go to workshop, make production line workers put emphasis on safe production, improve safety awareness and reduce accidents; staffs communicate with each other and learn from each other. “Nowadays, The company sorts out information on processes, technology of each process, which facilitates new staffs to learn, and helpful to technical heritage. Data analysis and management is applied in site management. It can promptly identify the problems during production and make management more scientific, precise, and efficient.”

"Giving is also receiving." Last summer, in his advocacy, the company organized service activities for production line staff. Production line staff tasted watermelon, drank herbal tea every day and got allowanceforhightemperature.It encouraged the employees. Meanwhile, our company cares for the families of needy employees. For example, our Group sent supplies including cash and blankets to senior employee Shitao Dan whose property was destroyed in a fire and arranged dormitory for this couple in the company. This showed our sympathy. In addition to caring for the employees, he also help vulnerable groups in society. Last year, TAICHANG made donations to social welfare, philanthropy, amounting to 100 million. Besides, in all previous urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy relief mission, he made contributions. Especially in 2008 "ice disaster", TAICHANG not only donated goods and materials, but also organized constructional force to the relief line; after "5. 12 Wenchuan earthquake ",TAICHANG generously donated RMB440,000 to support reconstructionofcity. Then in subsequent Yunnan drought and Yushu earthquake, TAICHANG also made efforts to help these districts. The cumulative donations of TAICHANG are over 500 million over the years.

In his proper management, Taichang Group has been involved in manufacturing and service of electric products, construction design & installation, intelligentelectricmeters manufacturing. Products are sold throughout the country. Electrical design services have been extended to several African countries. Taichang Group has been joined the top 30 enterprises of steel structure industry of Chinese construction, and has ranked top 500 of Zhejiang merchants’ enterprises in the whole country.

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