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"TAICHANG" trademark was re-named famous trademark in Zhejiang Province
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Recently, "TAICHANG" trademark (Registration No: 1597613) , registered by Taichang Group and used on Class 7 galvanized tower, cable bridge, cable metal joints (non-electric) , has been continuously named famous trademark in Zhejiang Province by the Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, valid for three years. This is the continuous award since 2010.

Since its establishment, Taichang Group attaches great importance to building their own brands. It has registered 25 trademarks, including "TAICHANG" trademark, which enjoys a high popularity and reputation in the domestic and international tower, electrical fittings industries

Taichang strengthens its own brand building, "TAICHANG" trademark has also been highly praised by government departments and competent authorities. In 2008, it was identified as "well-known trademark; in 2012, "TAICHANG" corporate name was identified as "Zhejiang well-known corporate name."

"TAICHANG" trademark, has become an important intangible of Taichang Group and a weapon in market competition. The government departments recognizes Taichang’s own brand building, thus rename "TAICHANG" trademark, the famous brand

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